Skydive Jyväskylä - Parachuting club of Jyväskylä

We are a small nonprofit skydiving club located in central Finland, in Tikkakoski. Our own plane is a Cessna 182 (SMA SR305-230 diesel, OH-CHQ). We also operate a rental Cessna 172 (OH-CEW).

First jump courses

We arrange static line courses for first timers every month during summer, April → August.

Courses are run in Finnish, but most of our instructors are almost fluent (or at least they think so) in English so drop us an email at and explain your situation.

And for those who want to proceed to proximity flying (after watching numerous Youtube videos): Wingsuiting requires at least 200 normal skydiving jumps and after few hundred normal wingsuit jumps you might be able to do proximity flying.

We are still happy to educate you in skydiving, but it will take time before you can publish your own videos on YT.


We jump tandems normally with a queue policy. Price for tandem course is 375€. If you want to do the tandem course on a specific day/time we will charge a fee of 75€.

If you want to participate on tandem jump course, please send us an email at

Experienced jumpers

You're welcome to jump with us!

Please bring your logbook, your licence and third-party liability agreement with you.

Club membership is mandatory on our operations.

We assume you have your own gear, but if not, we can rent our student equipment (Navigator 220-260) to you for a fee of 10€/jump. We do not require an AAD (but still strongly recommend) and swooping is ok with us (no SoFPiDaRF).

We follow all the skydiving regulations to try and keep the sport fun, and as safe as possible.

Landing area (laskeutumisalue) with locations of club house (kerho), airport (lentoasema) and hangars (halli):


Students Experienced jumpers
Static line course 450,00€ Membership fee 75,00 €
Student jump <2000m 20,00€ 1000m 12,00 €
Student jump >2000m 25,00€ 1500m 15,00 €
Student jump 4000m 28,00€ 2000m 17,00 €
FS-training 10,00€ 2500m 19,00 €
3000m 21,00 €
Tandem course 425 ,00€ 3500m 23,00 €
Tandem time scheduling 75,00€ 4000m 26,00 €
Gear rental 10,00 €


Please contact us by your preferred contact method: